Lessons from Gracie

Careful of What You Ask For

Careful What You Ask For

Learning lessons.  That is what my mother calls happenings from which we learn the painful lessons of life.

When our dog Booboo passed away from cancer, I was not at all prepared to lose her.  I wanted her back, even three years later.  Of course, I also felt altruistically that my husband needed a distraction or… occupation after a long recovery from shoulder surgery. Training a new dog would be the perfect preoccupation. Therefore, it made sense to ask God for a dog.

Now, we have a dog. Or I should say, I have a dog.  She is 12 years old and is the perfect angel of a girl. She only barks when it is important.  She is 45 lbs of black dachshund-labrador rescue from Milledgeville, Georgia.  Lacy Potter is perfect.  But, even so, she wasn’t enough.

So I started bugging God, and Mike, for another dog.


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